Creativity and Play

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John Cleese is a man who knows a lot about play. Turns out he’s a man that knows a lot about productivity and business, too. If you’ve not watched it, his speech about creativity given a number of years ago is a good watch. His points about “open” and “closed” modes of being, and how… Read more »

The Silicon Susquehanna Valley

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Are you ready to help transform Central PA into a tech hot spot? If so, how might you begin? We had the privilege of writing about that topic for Connections Magazine this month. You see, Central PA has a depth of talented tech-focused organizations and individuals that you might find surprising. And, we believe that it’s… Read more »

Gold Collar Careers

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There’s a lot that’s interesting about today’s students. Through the web, they have the potential to learn more, see more, and connect in ways that no one could dream of, even as recently as 10 years ago. Each year, the Lancaster County Workforce Investment Board holds their Pathway to Gold Collar Careers Night. It’s a… Read more »