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Dear Giant Evil Soulless Corporation, It’s over. I’ve taken my Twitter account and my Facebook profile, and removed you from my followers and friends lists. I’ve even changed the locks, so don’t bother sending me another request. You can have AOL and the blog. No one read that anyway because you kept talking about yourself…. Read more »

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How many channels of communication are available for a business to connect with its customers in the modern world? Dozens? Hundreds? Thousands? Personally, I wouldn’t like to put a figure on it. Let’s just go with the highly technical term of “a lot”. There are new channels emerging all the time. How you use these channels… Read more »

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DO YOU KNOW WHAT PEOPLE SAY ABOUT YOUR ORGANIZATION ONLINE? WHY NOT? Someone searches Google for marketing in Lancaster and your company doesn’t show up. Not good. Another person searches for your fitness center, and you appear right at the top. Great! But wait, your 6 reviews have an average of two stars. “Service is terrible…” or… Read more »

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Google has, apparently, been testing a new layout for select map results since July. Mike Blumental covers it pretty thoroughly on his post about the new Google Maps layout. The biggest changes to note for small businesses, in my opinion? The map on the right hand column, and more space for each maps result. It… Read more »