Our work with Lancacster-Lebanon IU 13 for their Tech Talk Live conference over the past three years has allowed us to work on a huge variety of marketing projects. From the development of a social media and blogging strategy, to the redesign of their website, techtalklive.org, to retargeting and PPC campaigns, to print, and more.

At the time, Lancaster-Lebanon IU 13 ran the majority of their websites on Sharepoint 2010. Because this is a technology conference, we knew we needed to implement a responsive design to delivered conference attendees the information they needed quickly and effectively.


Graphic Design

As part of the web design project, we standardized Tech Talk Live’s color palette and fonts, and incorporated these into designs for educational-technology magazines and online advertisements.TTL Magazine Ad


 Online Advertising and Social Media

To generate broader awareness of the conference, we developed LinkedIn PPC Advertisements that targeted technology decision-makers in the surrounding states, we also designed ads for and ran retargeting campaigns. These campaign drew in attendees from both Philadelphia and New Jersey who had never heard of the conference before.

Alongside a social media outreach strategy, the conference has increased attendance by an average of 30% each year.

TTL Banner designs-02


Content Strategy

In 2013 Tech Talk Live and Kiwi Marketing Group planned for and launched an educational technology blog. The plan called to establish relationships with top-notch authors as well as implement stronger use of social media to attract attention to content. Launched in late 2013, by June of 2014, a month after the conference, when traffic would normally have dropped down to a few dozen visits per month, the Tech Talk Live Blog was generating 2,500 visitors per month from organic and social traffic, and was voted one of Ed-Tech Magazine’s “Must Read” blogs of 2014.TTL Timeline

App Interface Design

As the conference grew, Kiwi was also asked to design the UI for a conference app for TTL.

App Interface Design App-Interface-Design