Content Strategy and Creation

Compelling copy to tell your story and attract visitors

Persuasive content has stood the test of time. The more effectively that writing uncovers needs and grabs your prospects, giving them what they want and boosting your benefits, the better the letter/webpage/advertisement converts…translation: makes money.

Online, your website copy or social media content is your only salesperson.

In order to generate interest, your content has to prove why someone should buy from or connect with you – and not your competitor. Writing for the search engines is important, and Kiwi uses the best tools in the business to do our keyword research and place those terms properly. But, all the keywords in the world won’t matter if someone leaves your site 5 seconds after they arrive. That’s about the amount of time you have to grab their interest, and it’s dropping all the time.

So, what’s your messaging? Is it on-target for your audience? What are the various visual ways you could present your information? Where will you publish and how often?

Kae Kohl, one of our founders, has written content for Apple, IBM, Pacific Bell, subsidiaries of Asea Brown Boveri and Hughes Aircraft, along with familiar local names in Lancaster, PA. She’s very experienced in both print copywriting and online communications. Give Kae a call or fill out the form on the right side. She’ll meet with your team to discuss your content strategy and writing needs.