Marketing Strategy & Execution

Marketing plans and digital strategies that make sense

It was late on a Friday afternoon. Kae picked up the phone and began listening to the business owner on the other end. It was a story we’d heard many times before. Smart person, trying tactic after tactic, all of which he had to educate himself on before he implemented them, taking valuable time away from his business and core activities.

Some tactics worked, some did not. And, some confounded him completely in their complexity and time requirements.

“I just want some way to tie it all together, some sort of plan that makes sense.”

“That’s a great idea. Here’s what we can do to help with that…”


Defining Goals

We begin by defining your organization's goals. Is it:

  • More inquiries?
  • Better client retention?
  • More sales?
  • More profit?
  • A stronger web presence?

As marketing consultants in Lancaster, Kiwi Marketing Group can craft a marketing plan or digital strategy that helps achieve these goals. We’ve created marketing strategies for organizations from solopreneurs to multi-million dollar enterprises, here and overseas. We work with companies and non-profits around the world, but focus our attention on Lancaster County, Harrisburg, and York.

We’re fanatics about picking methods and tactics that make the best possible use of your funds while achieving solid results. If we wouldn’t spend money on it ourselves, it probably won’t make it into your plan. We can help analyze what you’re already doing and tweak it to achieve a better outcome, combining what’s already working for you with new, proven technologies that will make a true difference in your business. Or, we can dig deep into the research needed to properly launch (or re-launch) a new product or service, with trackable, sustainable results.

It’s simple to get started. Just meet and talk about your goals with us. We’ll share a lot of info with you and, whether we work together or not, it will be a productive conversation. Call or email us and we’ll set a time to get together. No charge to hear your vision, and no pressure. Just people know who know their craft, listening.