Online Reputation Management

Monitor and shape the online conversation about your business

"You're not invisible, you're blind."

One of our co-founders said that in a recent seminar we taught about Lancaster online reputation management. What did he mean?

For almost every organization, our current and future customers are talking about us, our brands and our companies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs, review sites, and other channels. If we don’t monitor or participate in these conversations, we’re not invisible, we’re blind.

What are people saying? How should you react? What’s the longer-term strategy to building a positive online reputation? These are some of the questions Kiwi Marketing Group can answer and work with your organization to:

  • Monitor what people are saying on the Internet about your people, brand, products/services, and your company.
  • Create an effective set of listening tools that do all of the above, plus offer opportunities for competitive intelligence and prospecting.
  • Design a strategy to engage and respond effectively, both to positive and negative input.
  • Triage problems with ugly reviews.
  • Craft an ethical way to distribute positive information about your company.
  • Set up policies and best practices that will help others in your company be effective in the social media space to build a reputation in a natural, respected way.

Don’t wait till the spotlight is on you for the wrong reasons. The best defense is a good offense. Call a Kiwi to learn more. Or, fill out the contact form on this page and we’ll get in touch.