SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Websites should attract customers and make you more visible

If a website fails in the search engine forest, will anyone find it?

Having a great website that no one can find in the search engines is like having a beautiful cabin in the woods — without roads, power, or phone lines. No one knows where to find you, and no one gets to see your cabin site, to visit you, look around a bit, leave money in your mailbox.

The thing is, when it comes to SEO, in Lancaster, Harrisburg, York, or further abroad, you need a plan. And, you need an SEO company that knows what its doing and doesn’t make crazy promises, just to get you to sign up.

How can you tell?

The days are over of having a website built and then hoping it somehow helps bring you more business. We’re continually amazed by the number of websites still being created and delivered that are not search engine optimized internally or externally. It’s like selling a car without wheels. How far could that site possibly go?

Or the time we heard about someone assuring a prospect that they “knew Google’s algorithms”. Unless you actually work for Google, that’s pretty darn unlikely, but there is a lot of confusing jargon being thrown around in the hopes of landing a sale.

We can talk technical SEO with you (or at you) all day, but, the reality is that the results speak for themselves. At Kiwi Marketing Group, we know how to get your website noticed, how to help it become visible to potential customers using search engines, and how to market your business online. We invest in specialized tools and top level conferences that assure we will bring you the latest techniques on how to rank well for your particular search terms.

Kiwi can provide you with SEO services in Lancaster, York, Harrisburg (and other locations) that give you more visibility, more visitors – more business. And, we can prove it. Not with confusing presentations, or wishy-washy advertising jargon, but with numbers, facts, and figures.

So, if you’d like your Website to show up when potential customers search for what you have to offer. If you’d like your site to pull its weight and really help your business, call a Kiwi.

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