Web Design

Your website should bring you business or donors. We can make that happen.

Strategically planned, well-executed website design is the centerpiece of a compelling online presence. It will help bring in business or donors, and make your marketing more accountable. We’ll help you achieve peace-of-mind about your web presence, knowing that your site is pulling its weight and helping move your business forward.

As a web design company in Lancaster, PA, we offer clean, attractive, highly functional, and fully search engine optimized websites that do what every website should do, promote your organization visibly and cost effectively.

A real website should pull its weight and produce business.

That starts with deep marketing, business, and technical expertise. When you get in touch with us, you’ll speak with and meet directly with the people who do the planning, layout, design, and coding. Not a sales rep or an account executive. In order to build a great site, we need to understand your goals, and while we know we’ll never be experts in your business (that’s your job, after all), we have the experience to understand what you’re up against, what will work, and what won’t. Without that, the rest is window dressing.

So, while we may speak occasional “geek” while we turn your site into a powerful marketing vehicle, or create an attractive design to make it stand out, we won’t lose sight of your goals. We also won’t lose sight of the fact that your business, like ours, is run by real people, who need to understand what’s going on in real-life terms.

The end result for you? Peace of mind, full control, more business or donors, and more trackable marketing (not to mention looking great).

If you’re seeking a web design company in Lancaster that is willing and able to meet you face-to-face, people who have business experience, design and coding chops, and can help you achieve online success, give us a call or fill out the form to the right. We’ll usually ask to meet with you and your team, so that we can fact find to get the details just right, and so you can learn a bit about our project approach. We’re based in Lancaster, PA, but also serve surrounding areas, including Harrisburg, West Chester, Media, and further abroad.

If you’re ready to make your website an effective, powerful marketing tool, call a Kiwi.