The Silicon Susquehanna Valley

Help transform Central PA into a tech hot spot

Are you ready to help transform Central PA into a tech hot spot? If so, how might you begin?

We had the privilege of writing about that topic for Connections Magazine this month. You see, Central PA has a depth of talented tech-focused organizations and individuals that you might find surprising. And, we believe that it’s time we started thinking local, not just for food or art, but for technology as well.

With the kind of technology companies already in this area, we don’t have to look to New York or Philly to get top-notch work accomplished. In fact, we think it’s time to reverse that trend. Enter The Silicon Susquehanna – a source of highly skilled and competitively priced technology products and services, backed by the Central PA work ethic.

We encourage you to review our article to find out why we believe The Silicon Susquehanna is more than just a possibility, but a viable economic target that is very much within our grasp – if we choose to reach for it. We promise an interesting read, based on research and fact, that discusses how we can all, as individuals and as businesses, work together to bring about this compelling future. Thank you in advance for your interest, and we look forward to your comments.